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This is the IRF's wiki, Stand tall, and stand proud, soldier. We got us a wiki now.

Assault them bases.Edit

We're getting poor and would like America to grief money.

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  • edit The Skeleton Squad
    edited by Lisa Miles diff
    Summary: Just fixing some stuff
  • new page The Skeleton Squad
    created by Lisa Miles
    New page: The Skeleton Squad is a spec ops group led by spartan Lisa H. Miles. It handels covert operations and is know for being quite,discreet and quick....
    Added photo:

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  • new page March of the Alligators
    created by IRFxNightFire
    New page: This is a song made for the Ripper legion of the IRF. Now, baby we're the rippers Your baby daddy's worst nightmare Catch us by the base, we'll be...
  • categorization Aquatia
    edited by IRFxNightFire diff
    Added categories: Planets, Life-bearing planets

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  • new page Commander Alexander Miller
    created by IRFxNightFire
    New page: The great commander Alexander Miller is the lifetime leader of the International Resistance Front.
  • new page Kirsten Himmel
    created by IRFxNightFire
    New page: Kirsten Himmel was the leader of the first DUBSTEP program, DUBSTEP-V. An immigrant to America she joined the US Army, and then after a few years she...
    Added photo:
  • edit Direct Undiluted Bass System - Totally Electric Process (DUBSTEP)
    edited by IRFxNightFire diff
  • new page Direct Undiluted Bass System - Totally Electric Process (DUBSTEP)
    created by IRFxNightFire
    New page: The Direct Undiluted Bass System - Total Electric Process or DUBSTEP program was bought about in 2035, due to the old music type known as dubstep....
    Added photos:
  • new page Aquatia
    created by IRFxNightFire
    New page: Aquatia is a large planet that appears as bluish-green due to its blue-green soil. The planet houses nearly fifty sentient species and around 1...
    Added photo:


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  • new page Mk. 1 Earth Evac Carrier
    created by IRFxNightFire
    New page: An uncolored version of a carrier shuttle. This particular one is the IRF-Saratoga.Added by IRFxNightFire The IRF Mk.1 evacuation carriers were built...
    Added photo:

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